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Meet Martha Wainwright

November 23rd, 2018

Martha Wainwright

Photo by Carl Lessard

Our acclaimed speaker series AGO Creative Minds: Art and Survival comes to Toronto next week and we can’t wait! On Monday, December 3, American environmental activist, attorney, and author Robert F. Kennedy Jr., award-winning documentary filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal, internationally celebrated artist Brian Jungen and just announced – author and journalist Tanya Talaga take to the stage for a lively 90-minute discussion on how humans are changing the Earth and how art can inspire needed action. The evening begins with a compelling performance by Canadian singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright.

In anticipation, we spoke with Martha about her music, her thoughts on art and the environment, and what she’s got in store for us next week.

AGO: Which musicians have most influenced your sound?
Martha: My songwriting and the power of words are very important to me. I credit artists like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, who opened my mind to what music can do – not only in a musical sense, but also through poetry.

AGO: This edition of Creative Minds focuses on art and the environment. Do you believe artists can be a voice for social, political and cultural change?
Martha: Absolutely. Through music, artists can verbalize the thoughts, fears and hopes that others may be unable to express. When an artist takes things out of the mundane and explores them in a creative way it allows us to better understand the full scope and give meaning to life on Earth.

AGO: What are some creative responses to climate change you’ve seen?
Martha: Many artists are finding ways to use music and art to evoke social change. Singing about the beauty and the importance of our environment is one way to remind people to open their eyes, cherish what we have and address our responsibility as humans to take care of the Earth and each other.

AGO: What can visitors expect from your performance at Creative Minds?
Martha: I describe my music as sustainable in the sense that it’s just me, the guitar and my thoughts being expressed. At times that means performing without a microphone, which is like shedding layers and getting to the root of the matter. Some songs will touch on the subject of sustainability and the power of art in helping – whether it’s environmental sustainability or humanitarianism.

Don’t miss this exciting event!

Tickets for AGO Creative Minds are on sale now! Book your tickets today at, by phone at 416.408.0208, through the Koerner Hall Box Office or in person at the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning.

AGO Creative Minds is supported by Series Presenters Jonas and Lynda Prince.

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