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Conservation Notes: A return to Betty Goodwin’s studio

October 27th, 2014

This is the third post in a series on the preservation and storage of Betty Goodwin’s notebooks. See the previous posts here and here.

Marianne Williams, Digital Special Collections Assistant in the AGO Library and Archives, has finished her project of creating new preservation enclosures for the 121 sketchbooks and notebooks from the late Montreal-based artist Betty Goodwin.

As these sketchbooks now find their way into storage at the AGO’s Edward P. Taylor Library and Archives, understanding their original context in Goodwin’s Montreal studio gives researchers more insight into Goodwin’s art practice and the timeline of her artistic career. Goodwin’s studio assistant had encouraged her to revisit, date and make notes on her sketchbooks and complete a meticulous inventory of her notebooks while they were still housed in the studio. Without this level of organization, the dates and locations of some of the sketchbooks may have been lost after Goodwin’s death.

While the sketchbooks will now be kept in their individual enclosures with archival boxes, the photos in the above slideshow (taken by Rosamond Ivey Special Collections Archivist Amy Furness on a visit to Goodwin’s studio in 2005) show where these sketchbooks were located before their move to the AGO. Glimpses into Goodwin’s studio show the sketchbooks among other objects that inspired Goodwin’s practice, from animal bones to National Geographic magazines.

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