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AGO Youth Council 2010: Yessi, Lauren & John

September 20th, 2010

It is our pleasure to introduce the members of the AGO Youth Council 2010. Find out about Youth Council projects and activities and how to get involved.



Hi! I’m Yessi. I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia in some rural area around seventeen years ago. I moved to Canada when I was nine, so I promise you, I am totally fluent in English. I’m a Virgo, and I totally live up to my sign. (I am a hopeless perfectionist.) I love art (obviously), but I don’t just like making art, I like discussing about it as well (though it can get very intense sometimes.) I’m short for my age. Well, actually I’m also short compared to middle-school kids. But good things come in small packages, so it’s okay :). I like to do yoga and kendo. I love to paint, sculpt and design. I hope to become a big designer sometime in the future. And when I get tired of that, I’m going to open a small bakery, or retire as an artist by some lakeside.

Lauren Lin

Lauren Lin

Lauren Lin’s favourite colour is teal. Why? She’s not quite sure. Maybe she can’t pick between blue and green. Maybe it’s because it is the complimentary colour (i.e. complete opposite) of coral pink. Maybe she couldn’t decide between the skies above and the valleys below, the oceans and the hilltops. Maybe it’s because it was named after a duck. If you know the answer, please enlighten her. In the meantime, she will keep on trekking with an open mind. However, she has promised herself (and now you), that she will never lose touch with the arts, and never stop searching for the reason.

John Marion Williamson


Hello, my name is John Marion Williamson. I enjoy art, baking, cooking, drawing, entertainment, fun, Google, help from my friends, indie movies, joke, knowledge, life, Marco, naps, open-mindedness, Pedrum, queerness, reading, sewing, tea parties, understanding, volunteering, writing, x-ray specs, yawning, zines.

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