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AGO Youth Council 2010: Starr & Talar

August 9th, 2010

It is our pleasure to introduce the members of the AGO Youth Council 2010. Find out about Youth Council projects and activities and how to get involved.

Starr Wang

Starr Wang

Starr Wang is an “outgoing-aspiring architect-indie music lover-fashion forward” high school student who is usually 90% stressed out because of her IB curriculum workload. Nevertheless, she takes time to indulge in movies, chocolate, Bikram yoga, vintage clothes and most importantly, art. Whether she’s covered with papier-mâché, dancing to the rhythm, or learning how to play the guitar, alto sax and flute all at the same time, it is obvious that her life revolves around anything related to art. Her current obsessions are, lomography and funky sunglasses. She lives by this quote: “Carpe Diem”, which means “Seize the Day” in Latin, which also explains her profound ability to procrastinate. Don’t forget to say hi to Starr, she loves friendly strangers!

Talar Hasserjian

Talar Hasserjian

At a young age, Talar Hasserjian has been fascinated by various forms of art. Born and raised in North York, Ontario, Talar is a Canadian-Armenian. At the age of 16, she strives in making the world a better place, as she is very active in humanities. She is part of a humanitarian club, where she strives for human rights and world peace. She speaks 3 languages, English, Armenian, and a little bit of French. Talar loves to travel around the world, and plans to do fieldwork with the United Nations. Art has been a passion of hers since she was a little girl. She loves creating things, such as accessories. She believes anything can be created in the medium of art. Talar loves to paint with oils, but wants to try out sculpting. She has been inspired by artists such as Gogh and Picasso and Andy Warhol. Her favourite movie is Across the Universe, and she loves listening to Nirvana. In the near future, Talar plans to major in architecture and interior design.

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