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Making Faces in Drama and Desire

July 28th, 2010

Walking through the AGO’s Drama and Desire exhibition, you are certain to encounter visitors looking into a mirror at their own faces. Isn’t it amazing the range of human emotions, some so subtle that they are barely perceptible and others so intense that no one could fail to notice them.  Emotions are at the core of all arts. Painters, directors, actors, composers and writers all rely on emotions to fuel their works, and they attempt to express them in a concrete form.  Audiences draw on their emotions and experiences to connect with the work.  It is no easy feat to convey a particular emotion in art or theatre. How do you show thoughtfulness, concern, jealousy, and acceptance for example?

When you visit Drama and Desire, be sure to spend some time at the drawing station. Sit in front of the mirror and think about how you’d express a specific emotion. Is it in the eyes, a furled brow, a shy smile or a clenched fist? Study your face just as actors and painters have done throughout time. The expressions to choose from are limitless.

Here are a few of the many amazing sketches that have been created at the Drama and Desire drawing station:

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