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AGO Youth Council 2010: Dawn & Rachel

July 26th, 2010

It is our pleasure to introduce the members of the AGO Youth Council 2010. Find out about Youth Council projects and activities and how to get involved.



My name is Dawn
I’m 19 I’m doing 8 things at once and getting nothing done
I feel like I haven’t slept in the last 2 years
but every time I blink I have a tiny dream, so it makes up for it
I’m not a morning person or maybe I’m just lazy, not sure which one
I always forget to write down ideas
I buy too many things I don’t ever use
I collect cameras
I have an irrational fear of needles but I just gave myself a jailhouse tattoo
(six hours of sobbing and poking = time well spent)
oh and, I like making lists

Rachel Wong

Rachel Wong

Rachel Wong is an individual with an enigmatic personality and many talents. In order to retain that characteristic air of mystery about her person, she can’t say too much about herself; only that she is an Aries, whose hobbies include cooking, ironing, and sewing, and who enjoys long walks on the beach. A practitioner of martial arts, she once won a gold medal in a Taekwondo competition, one that had only two participants in her event. She is also plays the piano, her most accomplished piece being the C major scale. She is passionate about the arts in all its forms, though sometimes she doesn’t understand it, but that’s okay because she pretends she does. Her future aspirations are to become either: a ninja, international spy, curator, or dietician.

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