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AGO Youth Council 2010: Marco & Doris

June 14th, 2010

It is our pleasure to introduce the members of the AGO Youth Council 2010. Find out about Youth Council projects and activities and how to get involved.

Marco Hernandez

Marco Hernandez

‘Ello, my name is Marco Hernandez, sometimes called “Loki” but I’m always open to new nicknames. I was born in Mexico, raised in the States and moved to Toronto last summer. I’ve been drawing most of my life and love comic books. I enjoy the soothing, sensitive notes of DethMetal and Grindcore. I also like video games and hope to make a career out of it someday. I look forward to contributing all I can to the Youth Council.

Doris Isabel Pozo

Doris Isabel Pozo

Greetings! My full name is Doris Isabel Pozo and I have lived in Toronto all my life. I was born in the year 1989, and my roots are Latin American. I want to follow my passion for art because it is a beautiful part of culture and history. I enjoy art because I can communicate with few words and it can serve as therapy. I just want to live by a beach in a constant vacation mode, but to be surrounded by art is the next best thing.

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