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AGO Youth Council: Eleanora & Adib

May 29th, 2009

It is our pleasure to introduce the members of the AGO Youth Council.
Week 9: Eleanora Simmons and Adib Tanbir.

Eleanora Simmons

Eleanora Simmons

Since a young age, Eleanora Simmons has been interested in various forms of art and movement. She is very community based; spreading deep roots wherever she lands. She is a current member of The Beach Heritage Community. Attending Rosedale Heights School of the Arts for the past 3 years, Eleanora is involved in the RHSA Dance Company, Anvall Dance Performance Choreographic Workshop, and the Improv team at her school. She majors in art, strongly infatuated with photography, life drawing and non-traditional forms. Eleanor is interested in artists like Joseph Beuys, Kara Walker and James Nachteny. Interested in different cultures, Eleanor is mixed Bermudian and Welsh. Eleanor yearns to visit Egypt, India and Singapore.

Adib Tanbir

Adib Tanbir

Adib is a high school student. He is in grade 11 and attends Birchmount Park C.I. Although he was born in Texas, and has spent a substantial portion of his life in Bangladesh, he currently resides in Toronto. Adib loves music and believes that it is a very strong form of art, i.e. music has the power to make changes in society. He likes to listen to music that has a message in it. Adib plays the guitar and tabla. Adib also enjoys volunteering at interesting places. Adib enjoys designing posters. He designs posters for various events held at his school by the student council. Adib wants to pursue a career related to the medical sciences in the future. He is a huge fan of Manchester United F.C, which is a soccer club based in England.

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