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The Grange Prize Videos – Josh Brand on Scale and Perception

Tomorrow is the big day – voting opens, the AGO exhibition launches, and all four artists will be at the AGO to talk about their work, and issues in contemporary photography. Tonight, we’re posting the first of the final two artist videos, featuring artist Josh Brand discussing why he works in small scale, and how issues of perception and experience influence his practice. See you tomorrow at the FREE artist talk, beginning at 7 pm in the AGO’s Jackman Hall. For those of you who live outside of Toronto, we’ll be posting a podcast of the talk later in the week. Enjoy!

Why is this a document?

Josh Brant, American, Untitled. chromogenic print, 24.4 x 20.3 cm.

“I guess my photographs represent the way I spend my time. They sort of evolve out of these habits that [I] have, from the way that [I] live. Having a job where I worked as a printer for a long time, my time was spent in the dark thinking about the materials a lot, and for a long time. So, the photographs represent that experience of being around the materials constantly.”

- Josh Brand, nominee for The Grange Prize 2010

Who will you choose? Vote for your favourite online at or inside the exhibition at the AGO beginning September 22!

The Grange Prize Videos – Josh Brand on Memory, Perception, and Repetition

The Grange Prize web series continues with another video featuring American artist Josh Brand, nominated for The Grange Prize 2010. Watch as Josh discusses how concepts of memory, perception and repetition affect his practice, and stay tuned for more videos from all four artists nominated for The Grange Prize 2010 in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget! September 22 is the big day: voting opens at, and the AGO’s exhibition of works by all four artists opens to the public! Not to mention, all of the artists will be present for a free talk in Jackman Hall at the AGO! Vote, see the show, hear the artists, all on September 22. And the best part (well, a really good part) is that it is all free – the AGO is Free on Wednesday Nights after 6:00 pm!

The Grange Prize Videos – Josh Brand on Materials and his Childhood Darkroom

In the latest installment of The Grange Prize web series, artist Josh Brand discusses his early experience in the makeshift darkroom he worked in as a child, and tells us about the ways that materials at hand – in the darkroom or in his home studio – affect his practice and work.

More and more content will be upload to over the coming weeks, givine you a chance to get to know all four of the shortlisted artists – Americans Josh Brand and Leslie Hewitt, and Canadians Moyra Davey and Kristan Horton. Remember, voting opens September 22, the same day that The Grange Prize Exhibition 2010 opens at the AGO, celebrated by a free public talk at the Gallery with all four shortlisted artists. See you there!

Inside the artist’s studio (part 2): Josh Brand and Leslie Hewitt

Josh Brand’s studio is tucked way up at the top of a four-floor walk-up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is filled with books, plants, and stacks of bright yellow photo-paper boxes holding his experiments both current and past. In conversation with Sophie Hackett, the AGO’s Assistant Curator of Photography, Josh talked about where his ideas come from, how considerations of perception and memory influence his practice, and then walked us through his process in creating his unique photographic works.

The final stop on our whirlwind tour of the shortlisted artists’ studios was a visit with Leslie Hewitt in a studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she is completing a one-year residency at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. Leslie talked with AGO Assistant Curator of Photography Sophie Hackett about her interest in personal snapshots, the politics of Civil Rights Era photojournalism, and what sculpture and the body have to do with the work she makes.

You’ll hear a lot more from Josh and Leslie over the summer as we post video excerpts from these conversations right here on The Grange Prize blog. And, of course, you can catch the longer videos later this fall inside The Grange Prize Exhibitions at the AGO and the MoCP, Chicago. Stay tuned!