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Is the Earth doomed? Maybe not.

January 4th, 2019

Edward Burtynsky. Mushin Market Intersection, Lagos, Nigeria, 2016 . Mural, 304.8 × 609.6 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto. © 2018 Edward Burtynsky.

Through powerful images of plastic-filled landfills, massive coal mines and clear cut rainforests, our major exhibition Anthropocene revealed the scale of human impact on the planet. Visitors to the exhibition told us they were inspired to ask: what can I do to help the Earth? Although the exhibition closed this past weekend, our podcast series Into the Anthropocene has helpful tips for how to build a better, healthier planet. Apple also recently selected it as one of the best Canadian podcasts of 2018.

We’ve already talked about the variety of fantastic topics covered in this podcast series, including a deep dive into the destruction of old growth forests in British Columbia, breaking down the term “environmental racism” and the many losses when species go extinct. In the final episode called Is the Earth Doomed? What Can We Do?, podcast host Sarain Fox talks with Ashley Wallis from Environmental Defence, a Canadian charity that empowers individuals, businesses and governments to take action to advance cleaner and greener ways to build the economy and protect our shared environment.

Sarain and Ashley discuss strategies for reducing our impact on the planet. One method Ashley discusses is reducing the consumption of single-use plastics, and when that’s not possible, making sure those plastics are recycled. It may seem like a small action but as Ashley explains, “we make millions of small choices every day, which add up to the potential to make a really big difference.” Environmental Defence is working to reduce the number of plastic bottles thrown out in Ontario. Right now, only about half of the plastic bottles in the province are recycled. That means a massive amount of plastic ends up in landfills or the environment, resulting in pollution that can damage our rivers, streams and food chains.

Looking for more ways you can help the Earth? Check out the full episode of the podcast and download the entire Into the Anthropocene series. Subscribe at our website, or at Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

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