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November 20th, 2018

Woman and man looking at smartphone, standing in front of a painting.

Image by the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Curious about what’s happening in the world of art and culture? We’ve gathered some of the most interesting art news stories making the rounds at the AGO. From the strange to the inspired, here’s what’s fuelling our watercooler chatter.

A small town in Sweden is relocating to more stable ground. And to commemorate the town’s rebirth, artists Bigert & Bergström created Solar Egg, a five-person sauna and public art installation in the shape of a large golden egg.

Kent Monkman’s first maritime-themed work, Miss Chief’s Wet Dream, has found a fitting home at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax.

Speaking of the sea, artist Maya Weeks sailed from Florida to Bermuda. In drawings, paintings and photographs, she documented plastic and other garbage dumped into the Atlantic Ocean.

Two tapestries by artist Joan Miró were damaged during the devastating floods in Venice. But after some speedy restoration work, both pieces are back on display just in time for an exhibition.

Artist Kal Barteski invited 18 artists from around the world to “bring a little hope” to the subarctic community of Churchill, Manitoba through giant public murals.

An LGBTQ tour at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London encourages visitors to see old works in a whole new light.

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