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Links we’re loving – Summer Edition

August 27th, 2018

Woman showing a man something on the screen of her cell phone

Pierre Bonnard, Paysage du Midi et deux enfants, c. 1916-1918. Oil on canvas, 139 x 197.8 cm. Gift of Sam and Ayala Zacks, 1970.

It may be the last days of summer, but we aren’t ready to bid adieu to the sunny season just yet. We’ve gathered some of the most fascinating summer-themed art news stories making the rounds at the AGO. From the hot to the humid, here is what is fuelling our watercooler chatter.

“The garden pleased me enormously,” Georgia O’Keeffe once said. See O’Keeffe’s lush garden that continues to thrive three decades after the artist’s death.

The New York Public Library reinvents classic novels for the Instagram age, blending eye-catching animation with classic tales.

Are you an Impressionist treasure? Take this quiz from the National Gallery of Canada to find out.

Did you know that horses once pulled lifeboats? This sculpture of a horse in Wells-next-the-Sea, England pays homage to their labour. Now, that’s a true sea horse.

Here’s some cool recycling. Digital artist Kathy Vones leads a workshop to teach children how to turn plastics that wash up on beaches into cool 3-D toys.

Self-conscious about those tan lines? These scorch marks have English archeologists peeling back layers of history.

Fireflies are one of the great wonders of summer, but are they worth quitting your day job for? This artist thinks so.

Rained out? This literary meditation on the colour grey can’t change the forecast, but it shows how grey is full of possibilities.

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