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December 18th, 2017

Image courtesy of the AGO.

Last year, almost a million visitors came through our doors to explore our Collection and see some amazing shows. At the same time, almost two million people visited our newly designed website, To give our virtual visitors the opportunity to check out some of our incredible art, we created the AGO’s online Collection.

“The AGO believes that art is for everyone. We wanted to make our Collection more accessible to those who can’t easily make it to the Gallery,” said Mark McKay, the AGO’s Digital Director. “We’re putting great art in everyone’s hands, no matter where they are.”

While nothing can beat standing right in front of your favourite work of art, the new online collection is the next best thing. Using the same technology and creative ideas developed for the critically acclaimed Small Wonders: Gothic Boxwood Miniatures website, the online Collection allows visitors to compare up to four images at a time and zoom in – WAY IN – on an art work. “Each image that’s been uploaded is approximately 100 MB on average,” said McKay. “That’s an extremely high resolution and it allows you to see things – like brush strokes, lettering or even secret additions from the artist – that you’d never get to see that closely in the Gallery.”

Image courtesy of the AGO.

Right now, the AGO has about 3,000 objects viewable online from all of your favourite collecting areas. We’ll continue to add new objects online as artworks rotate in our galleries or are acquired. We also plan to add more information and data to the artwork pages – including video and blog posts – and you’ll soon be able to create your own personal collections to save and share your favourite works of art.

Happy searching!

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