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November 20th, 2017

Joanna Johnston, Drink It In (ed. of 3). Archival print, 48”x85”.

If you’re considering purchasing artwork but don’t know where to start—or are worried your tastes will change in the next six months or six minutes—Art Rental & Sales is the perfect solution. With its curated selection of Canadian contemporary works, the AGO’s Art Rental & Sales team can cater to your taste and budget (rental fees are 4% of the retail price per month, with some pieces as low as $120/month), so you can try out a new piece and take your holiday party décor to a whole new level.

See some of the newest selections in our collection below.

CA Henry, Whales Back 6 Mile Lake. Oil on canvas, 60”x48″.

CA Henry, Ragged Lake. Oil on canvas, 40”x60”.

Christopher Allen Henry began exhibiting in Toronto in 1987, and was soon showing in 25 galleries across Canada. His detailed, high-energy work of the Ontario landscape is incredibly passionate and moving. He has exhibited quite extensively for over 30 years, with solo shows across North America and Ireland. Christopher is one of our long-standing artists and we’re pleased to have these two works available from his sought-after 2017 series.

Joanna Johnston, Thick In It (ed. of 3), archival print, 48”x 71”.

This is our first peek at Joanna Johnston’s newest photography series, Falling In. Johnston hails from Calgary, Alberta but currently lives and works in France. With a background in architecture, Joanna’s keen eye for angle and detail produce an almost painterly palette. Moments are captured within seconds of each other, combining flora, billboards, old world Parisian architecture and new age signs and graffiti. Joanna’s work is available exclusively through the AGO Art Rental & Sales Gallery.

Andrew Cheddie Sookrah, Killarney Rock Wall Series #1. Acrylic on canvas, 36”x48”.

Andrew Cheddie Sookrah travelled extensively to find inspiration for his work. From British Columbia to the Arctic, Andrew has captured much of Canada through his travels. He said of his work: “While I travel and paint on my own, this visit to the Killarney area was with the Ontario Society of Artists in which I am an elected member. Fellow artist John Maur and I paddled around in the George Lake area in his canoe as I made mental notes and took reference images. I was struck by the untold stories written in the rocks by the spirits of those who wander here.”

Janet Read, Inland Sea #3. Oil on duralar, 40”x66”.

Janet Read is a painter with an unusual mastery of colour, seen in Inland Sea #3, whose canvases express a connection between fantasy and the real world. Read says of her work: “The infinite curve of a vast horizon is my inspiration. The rhythmic parade of cloud, mist, rain, wind and waves engendered by these bodies of water, our inland seas, fascinate me and compel my work.”

Cathy Daley, Untitled. Charcoal and black pastel on translucent vellum, 54”x36”.

This new body of work by celebrated Canadian artist Cathy Daley explores childhood memory and feminine identity, specifically around dresses and their relationship to movement. Daley’s drawings are inspired by Russian costume, contemporary avant-garde fashion, Degas’s ballerinas, Toulouse-Lautrec’s can-can dancers, the painted clothing of Matisse, vintage Hollywood cinema and more!

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