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People are screaming for At Home with Monsters

October 3rd, 2017

Image courtesy of the AGO

Not everyone wants to confront their inner monster – but AGO visitors are more than happy to embrace Guillermo del Toro’s friends!

Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters opened this past weekend to the public, and the reaction has been amazing. At Home with Monsters is a unique exploration of the famous filmmaker’s mind, a chronicle of a lifetime of inspiration from literature, comics, visual art and film, and a celebration of the beauty found in things often considered ugly or scary.

Take a look at what AGO visitors and critics are saying about Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters.

“… del Toro plays in the primordial ooze of self that we are generally eager to shake off and leave in the puddle… Frankenstein’s monster is, after all, a born outsider, but even it cannot help but search for a place with humanity, driven mad when it doesn’t arrive. It is another simple idea, and yet it might be the one we are all most yearning to hear, the desire for it echoing through the words of an art-gallery director, across the films of a Mexican horror nerd, around the wedding-feast table of a group of circus freaks: We accept you.” – The Globe and Mail

“Del Toro’s aesthetic may sit comfortably in the genre of occasionally shlocky horror/fantasy, his narrative urge — toward allegory, parables of universal and timeless transformation from innocence to experience, and beyond — transcends it. In that way, he makes an opening through which almost all of us can pass.” The Toronto Star

“Essentially, once we understand that we all have imperfections and darkness inside, and learn to deal with that reality, we begin to look at other people as being the same as us… Politics aside, del Toro’s exhibit is also a lot of fun, full of surprises hidden in dark corners, and is clearly the collection is evidence of a lifelong passion and a glimpse into one of the most unique minds in Hollywood. And, with Halloween around the corner, this exhibit will be on everyone’s must-see list.” – Post City

“Paintings, models, sculptures, even a 1966 Margaret Atwood poetry collection (Speeches for Doctor Frankenstein) — no figure in the show is enshrined as much as Frankenstein’s Monster, and the exhibition’s pièce de resistance is a seven-foot portrait by English sculptor Mike Hill… reminding viewers of the shock and awe they felt seeing Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein for the first time.” – CBC Arts

Check out what visitors had to say about their visit to Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters.

We also had some happy faces at our book signing with Guillermo del Toro himself!

Find out what Guillermo del Toro films NOW Magazine thinks you should check out in the AGO’s two At Home with Monsters-themed film series, and listen to an in-depth interview with del Toro on CBC Radio’s q.

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