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August 4th, 2017


Want to know what’s happening in the art world at this very moment? We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting art news stories making the rounds here at the AGO. From the weird to the inspired, here’s what’s making water cooler talk.

Can’t get enough of Rita Letendre after visiting her retrospective at the AGO? Well, the TTC just announced Letendre’s artwork will return to Glencairn Station.

Salvador Dali’s famous moustache has reportedly remained intact for the last 28 years of burial!

The Southbank Centre in London is curating an exhibition of art created by prisoners and ex-offenders opening in September.

Some artists are embarrassed their work has been featured in Ivanka Trump’s personal art collection.

You can now text SFMOMA and they will send you back pictures of art.

We love decoding Beyoncé’s art references.

A podcast hosted by Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson? Yes, please! It also tells you everything you wanted to know about Modern and Contemporary Art! We may have just died and gone to headphone heaven!

Artist Cindy Sherman just took her incredible Instagram public.

Sometimes you find priceless art in the basement! Or maybe that just happens to Alice Cooper….

You can now buy art with Bitcoin!

BONUS LINK: An oldie but a goodie is the Meow Met, possibly the most popular Chrome extension for art and cat lovers the world over.

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