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Georgia O’Keeffe is blooming in Toronto

April 24th, 2017

AGO Members enjoy the preview of Georgia O’Keeffe. Photo courtesy of the AGO.

It might not always feel like spring outside, but inside the AGO it’s definitely time to stop and view the flowers.

The unforgettable retrospective Georgia O’Keeffe, featuring 80 pieces from throughout the iconic artist’s career, from her early days in New York City through to her final pieces created in the desert of New Mexico, officially opened to the public on Saturday, April 22. And judging from the early reaction, Torontonians are relishing the chance to get to know O’Keeffe in a brand new way.

Check out this excerpt from the Toronto Star’s review by Murray Whyte:

“What emerges, finally, is an artist with the ability to literally do anything and do it well: a supremely gifted image-maker in pursuit of a purity of form that came in many guises, but always circled back to a quest for the essence of things… She built a permanent narrative that she knew would carry her work — the only thing that truly mattered — to the eternal life she envisioned. How we read it is the one thing she can’t control; that’s the price of immortality, inflated by fame. But she can, and always will, make you look.”

The Globe and Mail’s Rosie Prata wrote in her review of Georgia O’Keeffe:

“Look beyond the glittering accolades and salacious controversy swirling around this American icon and fuller, more nuanced and vivid picture emerges. By shifting the spotlight away from her overexposed flower studies, this exhibition shines light on the fact that O’Keeffe, one of art history’s most well-known representational painters, was first and foremost a pioneering abstractionist.”

Ashley Csanady wrote in her review for the National Post:

“[AGO Associate Curator, Canadian, Georgiana] Uhlyarik laboured to ensure the AGO show is as O’Keeffe would have wanted, going so far as to reframe The Eggplant – the first work O’Keeffe ever sold internationally, to a Canadian, and which is now part of the AGO collection… A century after her work was first displayed, O’Keeffe has finally become an artist for whom the work speaks for itself. The chance to see her as she would have intended causes the myths surrounding her work and her life to dissolve against her true legacy: the solidity and stark softness of her art.”

The Toronto Sun’s Jane Stevenson remarked on the breadth of work on display in Georgia O’Keeffe:

“From her early, dark New York skyscrapers to her later rust-coloured New Mexican landscapes, O’Keeffe’s brilliant renderings of her various surroundings are at the AGO in all their glory with more than 80 pieces on display until July 30.”

Here’s what visitors had to say over the weekend:

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