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Smells like teen spirit

February 7th, 2017

The AGO Youth Council is one of our most important advisory groups. For over 10 years the council has initiated all sorts of programming by youth for youth, including exhibitions, public art projects, large-scale events, field trips and much more. We sat down with two of its newest members, Roy (17) and Zoe (16), to talk about why they <heart> the AGO – and more importantly, what some of their favourite memes are.

AGO: Hi Roy and Zoe! Tell us about some of your favourite artists. Who do you love right now?
Roy: Definitely Yayoi Kusama [whose work is coming to the AGO 2018]. And the Basquiat exhibit at the AGO was amazing.
Zoe: I like Basquiat as well, and neo-expressionism in general. An art teacher once told me that to paint like a child-like or uncontrived way actually takes a lot of experience.

AGO: How did you get involved in the AGO Youth Council?
Roy: I had been stalking the AGO website! I was looking for something to do outside of school, and I love the AGO and all of the great perks of volunteering.
Zoe: I was a camp volunteer and just fell in love with the AGO. There’s always something going on here.

AGO: What most surprised you once you got more involved with the AGO?
Roy: I think a lot of casual gallery-goers aren’t aware of the community that exists in the Gallery, with things like First Thursdays and Family Sundays. It’s a great place to hang out – and there’s free breakdancing!
Zoe: I was surprised it had such a great youth base, with programming geared towards teens and young adults.

AGO: What is your favourite thing about the AGO Youth Council?
Zoe: I’ve met a lot of people from other schools through the Youth Council, as well as other kids who love art.
Roy: Besides socializing with my friends, I love the projects we do; we get involved with larger arts projects and work on smaller side projects too. It’s not at all serious and it’s a lot of fun, like art should be.

AGO: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Zoe: I really want to be a children’s book illustrator. I love drawing and watercolours. If it doesn’t work out, I might get into advertising. I think Youth Council is good to have on your résumé too – it gives you a boost.
Roy: Originally I was planning on going into fashion design, but through meeting people at OCADU and the AGO I now want to study Fine Art, with a focus on textiles. 

AGO: Who/what is your biggest inspiration?
Zoe: I really like The Weeknd, and I love this artist Filthy RatBag (aka Celeste Mountjoy); she’s so lit.
Roy: Beyoncé!

AGO: Also very important: what are your favourite memes?



Learn even more about the AGO Youth Council here.

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