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Conservation Notes: The motor’s in the shop

June 3rd, 2013

general shredder repair

Last month our conservator of Contemporary and Inuit Art, Sherry Phillips, introduced you to Max Dean’s As Yet Untitled and described the work being done to restore and upgrade its parts. Here is Sherry’s latest update on the project:

Refurbishment of As Yet Untitled may appear to have come to a stand-still, but in fact quite a bit has been happening from my desk. Max and I were testing various mechanical components and were pleasantly surprised to find most of them in working order. There are duplicates of the various components to facilitate quick substitution should anything break down during an installation. The shredders, feeders and power conditioners seem to be working as they should, but the air compressors no longer work and there was a little bit of excitement when we plugged in the conveyor and blew a fuse.

moving max dean 2

Fortunately the company that manufactured the conveyor motor is still in business in the Toronto area so it was wrapped up and couriered to their shop for inspection and servicing. The air compressors will be replaced with newer models of a type typically used for airbrush painting.

Due to installation rotations at the Gallery, we’ve had to move our temporary repair space from the video room in the Marvin Gelber Gallery to a gallery space on the fifth level of the contemporary tower. Other than re-organizing the new room, work on As Yet Untitled will pause until new air compressors are acquired and the conveyor motor returns from the shop. I hope to be back at the work bench by late June.

Sherry will be conducting work on As Yet Untitled until mid-August, 2013, and will add updates to the blog along the way. Use this link to find more As Yet Untitled posts!

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