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#AGOTweetUP: January Edition

December 23rd, 2011

Due to the limited number of spaces at this event please register your interest at We’ll get in touch with successful applicants no later than 12/31/11.

Thursday January 5th, 2012
Let’s Get Creative


To celebrate the launch of our 2012 Winter Program Guide you are invited to a free evening of (social) networking, nibbles and a chance to try one of our fantastic adult courses. 

  • Meet other art-loving Twitter users, network and make new friends.
  • Chat to the team at the Art Gallery of Ontario and find out what’s going on behind the scenes at the Weston Family Learning Centre.
  • Get your hands dirty: Try your hands at a life drawing class with one of our great instructors and a real live model.

Event hashtag: #AGOTweetUp

Event Schedule

5.30 – 6.45 p.m. Networking, wine and nibbles in the Weston Family Learning Centre
6.45 – 8 p.m. Life drawing taster class
8.00 – 8.30 p.m More networking, then home!

Can’t make the event? Follow us @AGOToronto for live updates and photos as the night unfolds.
Need more details? Email our Internet and Social Media Content Coordinator, Holly.


Courses and Workshops for Adults

The AGO’s winter offerings for adults include a series of courses and workshops in the Gallery and in the Dr. Anne Tanenbaum Gallery School – a combination of lecture,discussion, tour studio programs that allow adults to engage with art.

From exploration of contemporary to introduction to drawings sessions inspired by AGO works – adult courses and workshops will bring you new perspectives and opportunities to put art into your life. Register now!

Introduction to Sound Art (Winter 2012)

Designed to give participants an introduction to sound as a creative medium.

Hypothesis of Filming Painting (Winter 2012)

This course will investigate the links between painting and filmmaking.

How to Talk to People about Things (Winter 2012)

This workshop uses the AGO gallery setting as a platform to focus on how to communicate with others in difficult situations.

Yoga in the Henry Moore Gallery (Winter 2012)

Develop your skills amongst the reclining figurative sculptures with an experienced Yoga instructor.

Experimenting with Sound Art (Winter 2012)

This workshop examines some of the experimental practices that have shaped the history of sound art.

Pop Culture and the Written Word (Winter 2012)

Through the AGO’s pop art collection, this course will inspire creative and critical writing about modern pop events.

Introduction to Painting (Winter 2012)

This foundation-level course will draw upon the AGO’s painting collections as a platform for teaching methods and techniques.

Bob Dylan and Contemporary Art (Winter 2012)

Using musician Bob Dylan’s life and work as a parallel to a contemporary artist’s path, this workshop will look at the relationship between artists and their audience while also discussing the link between music and contemporary practice.

Tagging Along (Winter 2012)

As part of their exhibition in the AGO’s Toronto Now series, local artists Sean Martindale and Pascal Paquette invite you to join them for an outdoor tour of Toronto artworks.

Working in Series – Acrylic and Oil (Winter 2012)

Learn to develop a body of work in a series.

Advanced Painting and the Creative Process (Winter 2012)

The course will build an experimental approach to image-making and execution. Students will write, draw, sculpt, and work with photography and video to create and manipulate imagery and its meaning according to their own intentions.

Figurative Sculpture (Winter 2012)

Closely guided by instruction, students will focus on sculpting the human form. In addition to developing skills of observation and proportion while working from a live model, students will also be exposed to current applications of life modelling, sculpture techniques, and basic mold making in a contemporary art context.

Casting Workshop – Methods of Mold Making (Winter 2012)

Learn how to incorporate a variety of materials and mold-making applications into your own practice.

Casting Workshop – Making Editions (Winter 2012)

Explore the concept of the original and the copy as you create an artist’s multiple.

Life Drawing (Winter 2012)

Working with life models, students will explore the technical and perceptual skills needed to confidently produce drawings.

Drawing From Gallery to Studio (Winter 2012)

Using originals in the AGO collections as starting points, students embark on a journey through drawing.

Integrated Drawing (Winter 2012)

Examine drawing from the perspective of various disciplines. Combining studio techniques and visits to AGO exhibitions, this course will explore the possibilities of non-traditional materials and approaches to drawing.

Artist Bookworks (Winter 2012)

Students will explore a variety of concepts, techniques, and materials as they produce their own bookwork.

Experimenting with Mixed Media and Printmaking (Winter 2012)

Combining elements of traditional drawing techniques, collage, and printmaking, students will push the boundaries of their own image-making by exploring new methods of production.

Photomontage and Photography (Winter 2012)

Students learn the basics of digital photomontage while focusing on experimentation and composition.

Figurative Photography (Winter 2012)

Study portraiture, the nude, street documentation, and candid photography by focusing on the human form and the roles it plays in photography.


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