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Clementine Art – Natural Art Products for Kids

March 8th, 2011

Visit shopAGO for a selection of Clementine Art natural art supplies – crayons, glue, markers, paints and modeling dough – with no chemicals or additives.

The Clementine Story (courtesy

Once upon a time there was a teacher who loved art. She was wild about colours, from paint to pom-poms; she was thrilled about children, with so many good ideas; and she was especially ecstatic when children and art frolicked together at Clementine Studio, an art space for children in Boulder, CO.

Those creative children at Clementine Studio often got just a wee bit messy. They got paint in their hair, on their hands and feet, and even in their mouths! This made the teacher (named Diana) wonder what was in those art materials. The label only said the materials were non-toxic.

Is non-toxic good enough for these marvelous and magical children?” she wondered. She fretted about what chemicals, dyes and additives were in the art supplies that she didn’t know about.

So she rolled up her sleeves and began to make play dough and paint from natural ingredients in her kitchen. She used simple items like flour, earth colourings and water to make recipes. Today, Diana and Clementine Art are proud to introduce a full line of natural paint, glue, modeling dough, crayons and markers that are simple, natural and real.

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