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Win a Royal Weekend for Two in Toronto!

November 18th, 2010

  • Mousey I.N. Helmet

    The Maharaja exhibit was fantastic guys. Thanks for all the work on it.

  • guest

    Looks great!

  • sheikh

    wants to see with family

  • Alan Shawn

    great contest

  • Sharhowe

    i love art and cant wait to go !!

  • Garyrockers

    We shall be very pleased to win this.

  • M Roelofsen

    Love spending weekends visiting Toronto !

  • Grace Zhao

    I love Toronto !

  • lordloveaduck

    cant wait for this to come

  • Patti20

    would loveeee to see this exhibit

  • Piper152

    This is a great contest , thank you for the chance :)

  • Birdie0322

    Would love the chance to go to the AGO

  • Aruba

    What a fascinating exhibit

  • Stone1713

    Thanks for this exciting opportunity to win!

  • Bw Ew

    saw the exhibit and thought it grand. thanks for the chance to win

  • Nbauberger

    I’ll be down in Toronto this January from the frozen North and this would be perfect…

  • danielle

    can’t wait to see it – unlike any other previous exhibit in some time

  • Joyfan_b

    Maharaja exhibit definitely worth a visit, or more

  • laurel

    I flew into Torono and would love to go back and see the Maharaja exhibit

  • Winterlily

    the art world in Toronto is so amazing

  • Gigi

    I hope I get the opportunity to attend.

  • Andy

    I love to visit Toronto and would love to attend this exhibit!

  • Carol Ann Westbrook

    What a wonderful and generous prize!

  • Indophile

    The King Edward is expecting me I believe

  • Sheila_dropkin

    I just noticed the above date of Nov. 18th, 2010 which is long past. Does this mean the contest is over? If so, why is it still on your website?