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Performing in Maharaja: Bageshree Vaze

November 18th, 2010

Bageshree Vaze will be performing dance demonstrations in the AGO exhibition Maharaja: the Splendour of India’s Royal Courts. For the full performance schedule, click here.

Bageshree Vaze is a versatile and multi-talented Indo-Canadian artist. As a dancer and choreographer, she strives to create and present work that reflects her cultural influences. She was initially trained in the style of Bharatha Natyam in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and also trained in Hindustani (North Indian) classical vocal music with her father, Dr. Damodar Vaze. In 1996, Bageshree began to create dance works that combined her knowledge of South Indian dance and North Indian music, and she explored collaborations between Indian dance and Western forms, such as ballet, modern and West African dance.

In 1998, Bageshree began training in the North Indian classical dance style of Kathak. As this form uses Hindustani music, she was able to relate better to the rhythmic and musical language of this style, and has felt most comfortable choreographing and performing in Kathak. As a result, much of her work in recent years has drawn from the vocabulary of Kathak. Bageshree completed a Master’s degree in Dance from York University in 2000, and her final thesis was a choreography using Kathak language. In 2001, Bageshree also began training with renowned vocalist Veena Sahasrabuddhe, and she released a debut album, Bageshree, which combined Indian classical aesthetics with modern pop music and electronica. Bageshree was named ubbharta sitara (rising star) by MTV India in February 2004.

Bageshree strives to preserve the integrity of traditional dance and music, but to create new work that is reflective of her second-generation experience. Her performances fuse music and dance into one genre, according to principles of Indian aesthetics, rather than seeing them as separate genres, which has been the case in the modern art world. Tabla is an integral component of Kathak dance, and much of her current work is done in collaboration with her husband and tabla artist Vineet Vyas.

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  1. Great Video!  Bageshree Vaze is a really great artist. She is getting support from her husband is very nice thing.

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