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Julian Schnabel: Self-Portrait and Portrait of Andy Warhol (Audio)

November 3rd, 2010

Julian Schnabel’s Untitled (Self-Portrait) and Portrait of Andy Warhol are on display for a limited time as part of the exhibition Julian Schnabel: Art and Film.

In this 2005 self-portrait, Schnabel looks out, brush in hand, to another moment in time: his painting of Andy Warhol from 1982. Schnabel painted Warhol on black velvet, a lonely figure against a black screen, while he paints himself in his element: outdoors, backed by a breezy blue sky. Warhol’s thirst for creative outlets and his ability to create in many modes (printmaking, painting, film, photography, music production, writing) has always appealed to Schnabel, who came to know Warhol well in the 1980s. Schnabel shares Warhol’s enthusiasm for exploring the expressive and artistic potential of many different media. Although Warhol is best known today for his iconic silk-screen canvases, he was also a pioneering filmmaker. His revolutionary approach to filmmaking, treating the camera as a purely creative tool, served as a key influence for Schnabel.

Audio: Listen to Julian Schnabel discuss these and other portraits:

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For more, download the Julian Schnabel: Art and Film Audio Tour, FREE from iTunes.

Julian Schnabel
Untitled (Self-Portrait), 2005
oil, wax, resin on canvas
108 x 102 inches
Private collection of Johnny Depp

Portrait of Andy Warhol

Julian Schnabel
Portrait of Andy Warhol, 1982
oil on velvet
108 x 120 inches
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution

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