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Roy MacGregor book signing for Northern Light

October 8th, 2010

Meet the Author! Book signing in shopAGO
Tuesday October 19, 1–2 pm

Roy MacGregor book signing for Northern Light

Award winning journalist and acclaimed bestselling author, Roy MacGregor has had a lifelong fascination with Tom Thomson. It was this fascination that led him to write the novel Canoe Lake and now, MacGregor breaks new ground with this definitive non-fiction account of Tom Thomson’s life. Roy MacGregor’s richly detailed Northern Light reveals, not much is as it seems when it comes to Tom Thomson, one of the most iconic of Canadian painters.

shopAGO welcomes you to meet Roy MacGregor and have him personalize his biography about Tom Thomson, a man that has gripped our imagination for almost a century past his death.

2 Responses to “Roy MacGregor book signing for Northern Light”

  1. Des Joseph says:

    I worked for Ken Thomson from 1989-99 at the Thomson Gallery, and became very familiar with Tom Thomson’s life from studying his paintings; and meeting all the people around him, like Adilyn Oddison who wrote the 1st book about T.T. I ended up painting his portrait and through communication, was able to find out the real story about his demise in July of 1917. Most of Roy MacGregor’s book is only hearsay. Someday I will write the real story of Tom Thomson and how he celebrated his life in his paintings, He only painted for 5 years before his untimely death on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park. LOL D.J.

  2. Des Joseph says:

    Winifred Trainer was only a friend of Tom Thomson, he had many women and pined for his first love who he met when he worked with his brother, George in Seattle around 1908, as indicated by a drawing of the Gibson Girl. Thomson was never able to draw the figure like Fred Varley of the Group of 7 fame, but his nature, sky, and landscapes were like no other paintings in colour and style. He was the Father of Canadian Art in Canada. Loved fishing more than anything else.
    D. Joseph

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