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The Grange restoration work continues

September 30th, 2010

We don’t have much to report on this week although work is continuing. Under the portico, the air intake duct has been removed on the west side and we have a clearer view of the situation with the foundations. The pier next to the house has been badly impacted by the duct and we will likely have to replace it with concrete bricks. The outermost pier is in better shape and we can use a mix of replacement stone, existing stone and concrete brick. The question still to be answered is how far down we need to go. The reason for using concrete brick rather than normal brick is that the former is less effected by moisture and will last longer.

Cleaning of the walls of the house continues and painting of the windows has begun.

Under the portico

pier next to house

Under the portico

front (south) pier

Under the portico

central view under portico showing remaining air intake duct covered with plastic

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