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The Grange Architecture

September 27th, 2010















The Grange was built in 1817 for D’Arcy Boulton Jr., his wife Sarah Anne and their children. In 1912, The Grange was transformed into the Art Museum of Toronto (later the AGO). The original house, designed by an unknown architect, was Georgian in style, two storey’s high and 60 x 40 feet in area.

In its original configuration, the front door opened onto a central hall with the dining room on the left and the drawing room on the right. The rooms on the north side of the main floor were likely bedrooms and the circular staircase was likely a simple stair with a landing. At the back of the house and on the second floor were bedrooms for the family.

On the second floor, it is likely that the room over the front hall was originally smaller and probably served as the dressing room to the bedroom adjoining it (they were once connected). When work was being done in this space, evidence of a blocked-up door and a stove pipe in the chimney were uncovered.

There were also four large rooms in the attic, probably for the servants. The kitchen, bakeroom, wine cellar, larder, food storage areas and scullery were in the basement.

More information on The Grange can be found here.

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