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“The Sage of The Grange”: Goldwin Smith’s final rest 100 years ago

June 7th, 2010

Goldwin Smith

When Goldwin Smith died on June 7, 1910 at age 86, tributes and remembrances poured in from political leaders, diplomats, the academic world, and well-known literary figures living in England and the United States as well as Canada. A throng of over 5000 ordinary citizens viewed the body which was laid out in his library in The Grange where he had lived for 35 years after marrying the widow Harriet Boulton. A private funeral was held in the historic house followed by a public service in the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall.

The mourners, led by Sir Henry Pellatt, the representative of the Governor-General, included the Lieutenant-Governor, provincial and civic leaders, and representatives of innumerable organizations, charities, clubs, and the Press. Braving a fierce rainstorm, crowds lined the route followed by the funeral cortege to St. James’ Cemetery where the remains of “The Sage of the Grange” were buried beside his beloved Harriet.

One Response to ““The Sage of The Grange”: Goldwin Smith’s final rest 100 years ago”

  1. Des Joseph says:

    The Grange is now the Member’s Lounge at the A.G.O. When it had all the furnishings about 10 years ago,my girlfriend and I were doing the tour just before closing time and in the main room was a letter written every which way because ,I guess of lack of paper.
    Above the mantel a clock started chimming, and the volunteer at the time said that that clock had never sounded before. It was then we realized someone was telling us not to read that letter.
    We left the Grange house knowing that we had not been alone.
    I know Goldwin Smith would have been proud of the Grange house as it is now.

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