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Change, shift, change

August 25th, 2008

Some people go through changes to reflect their identity; others go through changes to adhere to society’s expectations. Some go through these changes for a specific mix of reasons, and some do for completely other reasons. What does it mean to make these changes? What does it mean that to be taken seriously in society one often has to be clean-shaven or wear business attire? What does it mean for a black woman to straighten her hair? What does it mean to be expected to fit into a specific gender category? What does it mean to be judged on your appearance? When you change your appearance, to what extent do you also change yourself? These are some of the questions that we are pondering as we work on Shiftchange. We hope that viewers will add their own questions into the mix, considering their own experiences of change, and the changes in those around them. What do you think?

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