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Live Blogging from the AGO – Frank Gehry Launch

February 14th, 2006


I am at the AGO sitting next to Robert Ouellette from Reading Toronto trying to live blog the Frank Gehry: Art and Architecture launch.

Rogers offered to provide EDGE data access, time constraints of getting a big corporation moving prevented this from happening. But their offer is fantastic, I am connected using my trusty Sony Ericsson T637 and it’s Bluetooth modem to connect to the Rogers data service. I am not looking forward to my phone bill this month. But we’re live! Eli invited a group of Toronto bloggers to cover the launch and provide a different perspective on big media events.

10:14am EST – The Media Preview just started. * In 2008 first Frank Gehry building in Canada just steps from Frank’s childhood home * Looking at Frank in context of 4 other projects * Its about process, design, results * Exhibit runs Februrary 18 to May 7, 2006

10:16am EST – Frank Gehry takes the podium (Eli’s iSight capture ) Frank is wearing a Roots Team Canada jacket to support Wanye Gretzky against the gambling allegations. It’s a real Frank Gehry building. Promised. It’s the first museum that Frank went to as a kid. He’ll be 80 years old when it’s done. It’s valentines day, I’m not home with my wife. Another client is screwing up his birthday in a couple of weeks. He’s turning 77 on February 28, 2006. The next projects he’s working on is a new stadium in Brooklyn for 19,000 people and the New Jersey Nets. The Nets are moving to Brooklyn.

How do you connect audience and performer? Air Canada Centre is one of the best experiences in the world. It’s not great architecture but somebody figured out how to connect the audience and the players with a shared experience. The AGO is the antithesis of the Met in New York.

There are about 200 people in attendance. There’s a lot of traditional reporters, a lot of big fancy digital cameras, and I am pretty sure that Robert and I were first. I am looking forward to seeing Frank Gehry’s reaction to The Simpson’s clip of the Gehry prison episode. Time to head off to see the actual exhibition.

A Sight to Behold
Goodness, this is incredible. Eli is walking around making iSight videos that I am sure he’ll post later. The models are incredible. I didn’t grasp the fidelity the models Gehry builds. They are amazing. You have to see this exhibit. I didn’t understand that Gehry builds these true to form models as part of his process. The models include finishing details, little people in the rooms, furniture. It’s incredible!

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